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Just Part of Our Story

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

John and I purchased what is now Red Gate Farm in September of 2018 with the full intention of having a farm, neither of us expecting the adventure ahead to be what it continues to be: everchanging. John had some previous small scale homesteading experience while mine did not get much past my Fisher Price Little People farm set, children's stories, and a few pets. We have plenty of education under our belts, however, and, more importantly, the willingness to learn new things. Which we seem to do daily!

Neither of us grew up on a farm or worked on one as kids. John comes from a military and flying career while I come from archaeology and business. We have managed to absorb as much as we can from books, websites, fellow farmers, classes and good old fashioned trial and error. I hope our experiences and stories and forthcoming instructional vlogs help our readers to learn more about farming and all that it entails.

Our quest to find a farm took nearly two years. We looked at several properties anywhere from five to sixty acres, newly built to older homes, some with ponds and some with ghosts!

Many of the potential farms were over 20 miles away from where we currently lived and that would never have worked for our blended family and the kids' school schedules. I was beginning to lose faith, when lo and behold, a property I had been driving by for years popped up on the market with plenty of space for everything we wanted! To be able to stay in our own home town and only move a few miles away from the lake we were living on was a dream come true. Yes, we wanted a farm so much we actually moved off the water for it! Fortunately there are just as many spectacular sunsets over our fields as there were over the water, so we have nothing to miss!

John and I are embracing a new way of life that continues to evolve. We are learning to live within the balance of nature and the rhythms of the seasons. Farming has tested our patience and our stamina, but farming never fails to bring to us so more much than it asks of us. I often remind both myself and my husband the definition of acclimation and how that applies to our endeavors: the process of becoming accustomed to a new climate or new conditions. May our lungs grow stronger as we climb higher!



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