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Meet The Cast and Crew of Red Gate

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

Welcome to Red Gate Farm! We want to introduce you to our animals, because the animals make the farm! Our menagerie, even the animals intended for processing, are part of the rotation and part of the love; however long or short they are with us. For example, we grow Dexter Cattle and Idaho Pasture Pigs both breeds that require a longer maturing time as they as they are slower growing animals due to their smaller size. It would be impossible not to grow fond of an animal you have for any length of time!

The oldest members of Red Gate are our free range Toulouse Geese that roam the farm in a cheery, if not, blustery way. Passing news and spreading gossip, they make their rounds each day to the different pens and on our farm for our pure enjoyment!

A variety of layer hens and some roosters clean up the fields in their mobile coops after the cows and sheep have rotated through. The flock always has something to chatter on about, and they are especially fond of honeydew melon.

Our Dexter cattle each have their own distinct personality and even the bulls are quite friendly. Nutmeg is our beloved boss of the farm and she is an excellent leader to the herd, sometimes straight across the road and off the farm where we don't want them, but that is a story for another time!

Our Katahdin Sheep have several "boss ladies", but we have taken a particular shine to Maple who is the sweetest, most tender, and most intuitive of the group. She is steadfast in ensuring that the group goes where it should, and has been known to double back to fetch lollygaggers! She is just amazing!

Our Idaho Pasture Pigs are a rotation of loving and curious swine. Our boar, Luigi and his lady friend, Francesca are gentle and kind to both the farmers and their litters.

Stay tuned for blogs on some the outrageous stories this cast has created for us to tell!

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